Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis Movement  •  Year 10  •  Issue 18  •  27 July, 2017
Children's Freedom Movement Special: Part 2
Freedom from Fear of Exam Results
June: Students' Swabhimaan (Self-respect) Rallies & Events
For Students who failed in Board Exams, Oasis Organizes - 
Felicitation of Successful People Who Failed in Exams

रिज़ल्ट की ऐसी की तैसी
“Failure in Exam is not End of Life”
Photos Above (Top to bottom): 
1. Panel of Guests answering questions of students at Ahmedabad, anchor Haresh Trivedi at bottom right corner.
2. Panelists listening to anchor at Surat event, anchor RJ Mihir at right top corner.
3. At Navsari, Panel of Guests seen in dialogue with students, anchor Neha Vyas at top left corner.  
4.  At Vadodara, Guests sharing their stories with students in an informal atmosphere.

The program - Result ki aisi ki taisi - was organized at four major cities of Gujarat on 10th & 12th of June, 2017. During the event, prominent & successful citizens who faced failures in their exams during their student life shared their inspirational stories to success and had a heart-warming dialogue with the students. 

At Ahmedabad, the invited guests as panelists were 1. Shri Gopal Sutaria (Bansi Gir Gaushala, Ahmedabad), 2. Shri Uttam Sharma (Times Foundation, Guj Head), 3. Shri Dinesh Majithiya (Resource Person for Pathya Pustak Mandal, Gujarat) & 4. Shri Jagdish Trivedi (Writer, Columnist & Comedy Artist, Surendranagar). Event was anchored by Shri Haresh Trivedi (NGO Savera, Ahmedabad). The program was managed by Anand Soni & Hiral Adhyaru with support from Mahesh Patel, Mikund Patel & other team members of Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation, Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan Members, Oasis IYLDP Youths and Oasis Friends at Ahmedabad.

At Surat those who shared dais were - 1. Dr. Daxesh Thakar (VC – Vir Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat) 2. Dr. Mukul Choksi (Psychiatrist) 3. Shri Mayank Kapadia (Music Band) 4. Shri Mehul Patel (Faculty in Interior Designing) 5. Shri Dimple Zaveri (Yoga Teacher) 6. Shri Neel Dabhi (Manager in Diamond Industry). The program was anchored by RJ Mihir (FM Radio). The event was managed by Nilesh Vankawala (Director, Shairu Gems, Surat). He was helped by Shairu Gems staff members and Oasis Surat Team - Mital Patel, Vaibhav Parikh, Shail Vakil, Bhairavi Punekar & Purvi Dalal.  

At Navsari, Smt Smruti (Sweta) Desai (Principal, Sandip Desai Primary School, Chovisi, Navsari & HCJ Participant), Shri Umeshbhai (Teacher, Divine Public School, Navsari) & Dr. Dharmvir Gurjar (Principal, Garda College, Navsari),  were in the panel. The program was anchored by Neha Vyas (Principal, Divine Public School) and was managed by Pratiksinh Parmar (Coordinator, Oasis).

At Vadodara, guests were Shri Bharat Patel (Entrepreneur), Shri Shashin Patel (Entrepreneur) & Shri Dhaval Patel (Entrepreneur). The event was managed by Hiral Patel (Trustee, OASIS).

All events were followed by Swabhimaan rally. 
Events Statistics
Sr. City Event Date No. of Participants
      2017 Students Others**
1 Vadodara Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhimaan Rally 10-Jun 15 10
2 Navsari Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhimaan Rally 10-Jun 320 40
3 Surat Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhimaan Rally 10-Jun 290 100
4 Ahmedabad Pratibha Sanman Program & Swabhimaan Rally 12-Jun 270 50
** Others – Volunteers, Teachers, Parents, Citizens etc.
Launch & Distribution of Booklet at Events
‘Exam Ki Aisi Ki Taisi’
Students' Swabhimaan Rallies after Events
‘એક્ઝામમાં ફેઇલ = જીવનમાં ફેઇલ’ એવું હજુ સુધી સાબિત થયું નથી
Media Coverage
Campaign Through Hoardings in Vadodara City
પ્રિય વાચકમિત્રો,

આજના શિક્ષણ અંગે તમારો શું પ્રશ્ન છે?

તુરંત અમને લખીને મોકલી આપો. અમે તેને અન્ય લોકો સુધી પહોંચાડીશું.  
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