Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement   Year 10 /  Issue 05 /  February 1, 2017
Wishing You All A Very Happy 68th Republic Day!
Last Quarter 2016: Oasis Programs for All Age Beneficiaries
Life Camps for Diverse Groups at Local Level
Date Group Facilitator Venue No. of Participants
20-22 Oct Kurubanahalli Govt. School (Std. 7) Neeta Sanghvi, Vinodpriya and Disha Kapasi Bengaluru 29
10-12 Nov Sanegurubanahalli Govt. School (Std. 7) Neeta Sanghvi, Vinodpriya Bengaluru 34
6-8 Dec Students from all over Gujarat Group 1** Hiral Patel, Dr. Pravin Shah, Nowsheen Khan (Sheeba Nair, Guide) Oasis Valleys 50
6-8 Dec Students from all over Gujarat Group 2** Vatsala Shah (Sheeba Nair, Guide) Oasis Valleys 40
13-14 Dec P. V. P. Primary and High School (Std. 7 and 10) Neeta Sanghvi, Disha Kapasi Bengaluru 34
19-21 Dec Sandip Desai Primary School Praksha Desai Navsari 41
25-27 Dec Shree Raman Brothers Vidhyalaya (Std. 9) Urvi Desai Ugat, Navsari 29
30 Dec-1 Jan Shairu Gems Mital Patel, Bhairavi Punekar Surat 26
Oasis Life Camp is the introductory program for children that gives them an exposure to value education.

** Students from Gujarat Group 1 & 2 were from V. C. Patel English Medium School (V. V. Nagar), Shree Vasishtha Vidhyalaya (Surat), Divine Public School (Navsari), Hemali English School (Navsari) and Mahidharpura Urban Society English Medium High School (Surat) of standard 7th to 10th.
Glimpses from Life Camps


Children Demonstrate True Democracy
in Dream India Camp at Bengaluru
Oasis Dream India Camp was organized for 62 children from Dec 25, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017 at Bengaluru. The camp was facilitated by Neeta Sanghvi, (Chief Coordinator,  ASHA Project, Bengaluru).

The full time faculties were Neeta Sanghvi (Leadership), Revathy J. (Learning to make gifts and Jewelry Making), Divya M. (Folk Dance and Fabric Painting), Aruna N. (Embroidery and Flower Making), Girish R. (Dramatics and I am unique and so my dream) and Sunil Kumar (I Can Dance).

The guest faculties were Satish Rajan (Book is equal to 100 friends and Basics of Instrumental Music), Mahadev P. (Going Digital - Why? and English Ghost), Shiva Kumar (Let Us Hug Trees and Let Us Learn From Food), Uthradevi M. (Do Not Say "Yes" When You Want to Say "No" and Art of Public Speaking), Hitesh Joshi (Learning Science Easy Way), Thangam George (Understanding Peer Pressure and Let Us Burst the Balloon of Anger) and Prakash Y. (How to Improve General Knowledge).
Glimpses of Bengaluru Dream India Camp

Teenagers Devote Diwali Vacation Time for Oasis L3 Workshops
Date Group Facilitator Venue No. of Participants
2-8 Nov Commandos Group Sanjiv Shah, Sheeba Nair Oasis Valleys 12
2-8 Nov Group of Dang Students Praksha Desai Oasis Valleys 17
2-8 Nov Saamarthya Girls** Hiral Patel Oasis Valleys 19
8-14 Nov Children of ASHA & Charlie Trust Pratiksinh Parmar Oasis Valleys 29
8-14 Nov Leaders Group 2 Viral Patel Oasis Valleys 22
8-14 Nov Leaders Group 3 Aatmaja Soni Oasis Valleys 13
14-20 Nov Leaders Group 1 Pallavi Raulji Oasis Valleys 14
Oasis L3 Workshop is a 4-year intense self-development program for selected teenage leaders.

Special session on "Building Independence" was organised for Saamarthya Group of 19 girls on 9th Nov, which was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah.
Glimpses of L3 Workshops for Teenagers
Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan
Teachers Across Gujarat Learn Right Ways of Living

Date Group Facilitator Venue No. of Participants
11-13 Nov Bardoli Teachers Nilesh Vankawala Bardoli 23
14-16 Nov Bhuj Teachers Pratiksinh Parmar Bhuj 24
14-16 Nov Khedbrahma Teachers Atul Unagar Khedbrahma 13
25-27 Nov Organizers and Coordinators Group 3 Mahadevbhai Desai Navsari 20
9-11 Dec Organizers and Coordinators Group 1 Mahadevbhai Desai Navsari 13
19-21 Dec Teachers of K. R. Shroff Foundation Dr. Maya Soni Vadali 37
Reflections from workshop participants

"જીવનમાં સારું અને સાચું જીવવાની યાત્રા આ કાર્યશાળામાંથી પ્રાપ્ત થાય છે."

"આ યુગમાં માણસને માણસ બનતા આ કાર્યશાળા શીખવે છે."
"આ કાર્યશાળાને જીવનલક્ષી વિજ્ઞાન તરીકે અનુભવી છે."
"એક જ્યોતિર્ધર તરીકેનું  જીવન વિકસાવવાની અને વિતાવવાની તક મળી છે."
"આ કાર્યશાળાથી ખૂબ પ્રેમ અને આનંદની લાગણી અનુભવું છું, કારણ કે ખરેખર પ્રેમ શું છે, કોને કહેવાય અને કોને ન કહેવાય - તે આ કાર્યશાળા દરમિયાન જાણવા મળ્યું."
Professionals, Well-Wishers & Friends Conclude Oasis L3 Course
Last workshop of Final Year of Oasis L3 Course (Year of Empathy) was organized from 9 to 11, 2016 at Oasis Valleys. The workshop was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah and Sheeba Nair for 17 participants.
Glimpses of workshop participants in group discussions
Oasis Celebrates 2nd Spiritual Retreat: 'અધ્યાત્મનો ઉત્સવ'
Second Spiritual Retreat was organized from Dec 24 to 29, 2016, at Oasis Valleys which was facilitated by Sanjiv Shah and Sheeba Nair for 18 participants. The retreat was attended by professionals, friends and veterans.
Facilitators Sanjiv Shah and Sheeba Nair addressing the workshop participants
Team Alive
• Alkesh Raval  • Avani Kulkarni  
• Hiral Patel  • Kshama Kataria   
• Mayuri Gohil  • Mehul Panchal  • Sanjiv Shah
 • Sheeba Nair  • Vatsala Shah
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