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Oasis Character Building Movement
Feedbacks from Participants

As part of Character building movement, Oasis organised Basic course of Oasis workshops for professionals at Rajkot & Ahmedabad during July-August, 2009. Edited feedbacks from participants in their own words...

Before the workshop I wished to do something in my life or achieve something but was not able to decide the direction. The workshop has helped me to think and decide "Where do I want to go?"

- Ashravi Shah,

The workshop is a great booster for defining the destination of life in the best possible manner. The program is designed so as to recharge any person, to align him again to his priorities & to march on towards his ambition/goal.

While this program is certainly useful in our daily lives, overall it also works towards promoting character and development of humanity.

- Vitthalbhai Patel,
  Project Consultant,   Ahmedabad


Life before and after this workshop has a lot of positive changes. The vision of my life ahead has become clearer now and the workshop has added a new force to my life.

Through my positive thoughts, I will be able to inspire my students in a better way for going ahead in their lives.

- Minal Ganatra
  Lecturer, Rajkot


The workshop is very useful in visualizing true values of life and enjoying life as God's gift.

- Haresh Tank,
  SBI, Rajkot

"This is one of the most memorable occasions of my life.”

There will be major change in my behaviour with my children, relatives, friends etc. I expect lot of better results in my life due to better understanding and positive thinking.

- Kishor Ghoghari,

The workshop helped to change the negative feelings, thoughts & my attitude towards people and situation.

We generally evaluate situations from one side only. After attending the workshop I learnt to evaluate the situation or my belief system after listening to the opposite person.

- Keyur Shah
  Unique Offset,

Facilitator of Teachers' Training shares her experience
Teaching is the best way of Learning...

Prernaben Shah, a homemaker from Bangalore and an active member of Oasis-Asha project, conducted Teachers Training Session for 50 Teachers of Rural Taluka Schools at Mysore on 11th July, 2009.

The Mysore session has helped me a lot in many ways. First of all it was a completely new exposure and an eye opener one.

In front of me there were 50 learned, educated teachers, so I was quite afraid and concerned too about this big responsibility.

But all my fear washed away within few minutes, when I stood in front of them.

My confidence level has touched a new sky, where today I am ready to face the entire world. My hesitation for speaking in public has vanished away.

I feel that I could have managed the entire session by myself though my teammate Mr. Gangappa was my biggest moral support there.

Not to forget - without Nehaben's convincing power to go ahead and

Manishaben's full support which can not be mentioned in words.

Without this kind of platform given by Oasis, somewhere I feel that I wouldn't have been able to come out of my shell. My family members especially my husband gave me lot of support for this.

I once again thank Oasis ASHA for this opportunity.

- Prernaben Shah

Oasis Workshop on
Mahaan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi : 1
Success Over Self


        Topics Covered

  VISION of Life
  Principles of LEARNING
  Impact of LANGUAGE
  Life is a series of CHOICES

Dates : 25, 26 Aug, 09

Dates : 12, 13 Sept, 09

Dates : 29, 30 Aug, 09
Dr. Maya Soni
Mob. 99043 42159
Email :
Dr. Pallavi Raulji
Mob. 99243 43088
Email :


Facilitator & Invited guests addressing the participants during Teacher's Training
for Oasis ASHA Project at Mysore

Oasis Workshop in progress
at Rajkot on 21, 22 July, 2009

Participants busy in Group discussion during youth session at Chandod


Two cows at Oasis Valleys' Gau-Sneh-Shala have given birth to babies-1 male & 1 female. With the addition of 2 Calves, the strength of Gau-Sneh-Shala Family has reached to 9.

New born Calves with their mothers
in Gau-Sneh-Shala

The calves with their Care takers

  Editor's Note

With changing times and situation, Oasis Movement is moving ahead with changed strategies and planning.

With more friends and volunteers emerging as workshop facilitators, Oasis is focusing on carrying out more workshops in Gujarat & other regions in India.

- Team Alive


  News in Nutshell

  Oasis - ASHA Project of Bangalore has adopted 24 Govt. & Govt. aided Schools & one orphanage for Adolescence health education to more than 1200 children. At present 45 home makers & senior citizens are giving their voluntary service for the same.

  Oasis, Bangalore opened 5 Training centres in different area of Bangalore for training to volunteers.

  2 Sessions of youth self development circle were organised at Chandod on "Friendship" & "Self Confidence".

  As a part of Oasis ASHA Project, Training of Teachers was organised on "Water, Food & Nutrition" for 48 teachers from 26 Corporation Schools of Coimbatore. Training was conducted by Mrs. Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy.


  Oasis Valleys
  Project Update

RCC work for Residential and Atrium area for Semi basement floor of Oasis Valleys Institution Building is over. Soil filling work in Atrium area is being carried out.

(In Picture : Soil filling & Levelling work in progress at Oasis Valleys)


Publication Basket

Ayurvedni Bhet

By Sanjiv Shah
Pages: 140; Price: 95/-

This is perhaps one of the best books you’ll find in Gujarati which introduces Ayurveda simply in 140 pages in astonishing depth.


Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis

25 August Farmers' meet at Oasis Valleys, Chandod
25 - 26 August Oasis L3 Basic Course - Part I, Ahmedabad
29 - 30 August Oasis L3 Basic Course - Part I, Rajkot
29 & 30 August Youth Sessions for college youths , Rajkot
12 - 13 September Oasis L3 Basic Course - Part I, Ahmedabad


Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


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