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मस्ती की पाठशाला!

Oasis Announces Summer Leadership Camp for Talented Teenagers

Indian Young Leadership Development Program (IYLDP) - March 2010
At Pathak School, Rajkot, LIFE Class Turns Into Serious Thinking

LIFE Class is about freedom, laughter and learning together. Some may feel teenagers are so restless; how could they sit for 2 hours at a stretch? But Oasis proves a point. Last month, at Pathak School, Rajkot, Sanjiv Shah took a serious session with students of eighth standard. He made students imagine what would they do if they have blood-cancer and they have only a week to live. All students did the exercise sincerely and came up with responses like making parents happy, donating body, helping needy children, spread awareness for cancer and so on.

  Teachers on the Path to Create a Vision for an Ideal School, at Jasani School, Rajkot

An introductory session was taken for Jasani School Teachers at Rajkot wherein Sanjiv Shah explained the importance of regular/weekly self-development sessions. He also explained how helping a child is closely linked with our own developmental process. Teachers also brain-stormed about their requirement in the area of self-development like self-confidence, positive thinking, time-management, relationships and so on. Mrs. Hemalata Rupani, Principal of the school remained present in the session. All resolved to create a vision of an ideal school in the forthcoming sessions.

 IYLDP Photo News
Enjoyment in Every Moment of LIFE Class at Swami Vivekanand School, Karelibag, Vadodara
Encouragement by the Facilitator to Instill Self-Confidence
Singing a Song & Story-telling During the LIFE Class
  Editor's Note

Defying the present perception of the society for teenagers, the young generation is showing much more maturity during the Oasis LIFE Classes. Not only they sit for 2 hours, they understand, participate and enjoy thoroughly.

Under IYLDP, Oasis is keen to work with teachers, too, to create a complete vision of a New, Better Education Environment, where Joyful learning is in the center.

We have tremendous faith in the young generation who will represent and lead our country in coming decades. Our role as a citizen/parent, as teacher is to nurture their dreams with lots of Love.

~ Mehul Panchal  Mehul

  Quote of the Month

“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.”

~ Marva Collins

  News In Nutshell

  Dr. Pallavi Raulji, facilitator- Oasis Courses has conducted 3 workshops on 'Success over Self' for 76 employees of Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd(GUVNL), in the month of March. Organized at Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute, the workshops were inauguarated by Lt.Col. Shri Trivedi, Director-GETRI and Mr. K.K.Soni- General Manager-HR, GUVNL.

  Reflection from LIFE   Class Student

લાઈફ ક્લાસ

છે એક એવો ક્લાસ
નામ છે એનું લાઈફ ક્લાસ

આવે છે મજા રમવાની આ ક્લાસમાં
આવે છે મજા ભણવાની આ ક્લાસમાં

ભણતા ભણતા રમવું
રમતા રમતા ભણવું

નવું જાણવા મળે છે
સંજીવભાઈ અને પલ્લવીબેન પાસેથી

તેની સાથે વાતો કરવી ગમે છે
લાઈફ ક્લાસમાં લાઈફ ક્લાસમાં

અઠવાડિયાનો ભણતરનો ભાર ઉતરે છે
લાઈફ ક્લાસમાં લાઈફ ક્લાસમાં

જાણવા મળે છે સંસ્થા વિષે
જાણવા મળે છે પુસ્તકો વિષે
લાઈફ ક્લાસમાં લાઈફ ક્લાસમાં

ખૂબ ગમે છે મને લાઈફ ક્લાસ
ભાગ્યે જ મળે છે આવા ક્લાસ
જેનું નામ છે લાઈફ ક્લાસ

~ માનસી આડતિયા 

ધો.૮, પાઠક સ્કૂલ, રાજકોટ  

  Oasis Valleys Update

On 4th April, some CEO friends from Surat and Amdavad visited Oasis Valleys and first informal session was held within the premises yet under construction. All friends were fascinated by tour around 9 acres of organic farming led by Mehul Panchal. Alkesh Raval explained the details and state of construction. All friends had simple lunch together and had good time in spite of summer heat.

  Alive Archives

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  Team Alive

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We Miss You Our Respected Teachers!

Last month we lost two esteemed citizens Shri P. C. Vaidya(93) and Shri Josephbhai Macwan(74). Last year we had lost Vimala Thakar. We, at Oasis, also remember and mourn the loss of Shri Yashwant Shukla and many others whom we have lost in last decade or so.

Shri P. C. Vaidya was a mathematics genius, a true Gandhian and a teacher par excellence. He was guest to many Oasis Seminars on Education and we distinctly remember that he spoke very rarely, but when he spoke, there was a pin-drop silence. He taught me a precious lesson-to always meet youths with a smile. It may sound simple, but trust me, it is not.

Shri Josephbhai were very affectionate supporter and guest for our rural development projects. He was an eloquent speaker and man who was in touch with his roots. Words came straight from the heart of this earthy man and his connect with people was always inspiring.

I personally am in life-long debt of Vimaladidi and she too was an amazing individual. On one hand she taught scientific spirituality and on the other hand, she always fulfilled her obligations as citizen of India and the World. She was a role model who taught how a person can live in all her roles in a highly responsible manner.

Shri Yashwant Shukla was one of the true educationist we have come across. Always smiling, supportive, genuinely positive and eager to help in any way he can. A genuine educationist is never a populist. Yashwantbhai supported Oasis through its thick and thin. He was a man of literature and gave precious input to "Mahan Hridayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi". I feel indebted to him forever.

The loss of people whom we love and respect makes us introspective and philosophical. We have not enough time to love. Life always has its unpredictable ups and downs. The best tribute we can give to the people who contribute in shaping your life is to pay it forward and Oasis is committed to do it.

~ Sanjiv Shah

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