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35 LIFE Classes, 24 Schools, 1500 Students - Focus Is Right On Target

The Target Is Set : 100 LIFE Classes, 1 Lac Students-hours By End Of 2012

In the atmosphere of Friendship students learn Life Values in an informal way - that's LIFE Class.
Students(above) are attentively listening to Sanjiv Shah (Chief Facilitator and Project Leader, IYLDP) during a Life Class at Pathak School, Rajkot.

Re-viewing 'What Are Oasis LIFE Classes?' With All The New Insights

Indian Young Leadership Development Program(IYLDP) & Oasis LIFE Classes


India is on way to becoming economical super-power, but our country is still suffering from large issues like corruption, poverty, unemployment and pollution etc. Take corruption, for example. Is it possible for this problem to exist unless educated people are not a party to this? Aren't people who are at the helm of the affairs, who have power and position, the only ones who actively instigate and participate in this problem? So there has to be something seriously wrong in our education system that promotes such self-centered notion of success.

India is facing many such issues like Corruption. Any person who has thought in-depth about the issues plaguing our society knows that the answers lie in Education. But our education has gone haphazard somewhere. As George Bernard Shaw says, "What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child."

Education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change because life is not what happens to us. It is what we do with what happens to us. Has our education fulfilled the purposes that it is required to?

Oasis feels that we have a long way to go in this direction. But nevertheless, we have to begin from somewhere. Inculcating right values in the next generations is the only way out. Thus Oasis has launched a program titled as 'Indian Young Leadership Development Program' and the concept of 'LIFE Classes' to supplement and complement our present Educational System. However, in the long term we aim to influence radical changes in the present Educational System. This is how we wish to take the first steps.

Oasis aims to reach and educate over 1 Lac youths by 2012. (These youths can be regular, repeat participants OR they can also be one-time beneficiaries. In short, Oasis aims at 1 Lac youth-hours by 2012.)


Oasis aims to reach youths from following sections-

I. Youths from Schools( 8-12 Std)
ii. Youths from Colleges/Hostels
iii. Young Teachers of Schools/ Colleges
iv. Special focus on Girls/Women Teachers


Oasis will conduct and coordinate following programs as part of this Project.

I. Orientation / Introductory Sessions for Youths & Teachers
ii. Oasis Self Development Circles(OSDCs) / “Life” Classes for Institutes
iii. Personal Counseling / Career Guidance
iv. Promoting Leadership amongst these OSDC youths for weekly sessions
v. Encouraging OSDC youths to participate in Social Welfare Events
vi. Leadership Education at Oasis Valleys
vii. Promoting further networking through Web sites and e-Newsletters

"The Ideal Of All Education, All Training, Should Be Man-making"

What are Oasis LIFE Classes?

"Oasis Life Classes" are weekly self developmental & learning classes for 2 to 3 hours duration.

Purpose of LIFE Classes:

The very purpose of Oasis LIFE Classes is to facilitate the unveiling of the hidden potentials of human-being. They incorporate life-oriented subjects. They do not consist of mere lectures or preaching. They enjoy, affirm the youths and provide them excellent environment to share, learn and find out their own selves. They consist of a special curriculum, highly participatory modules and processes which allow the inquiries in life. Principles and values of Life are introduced in a way that can be understood easily.

"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems to make a man more clever devil."

~ C S Lewis

An environment is created where youths can fall in love with idealism; where they learn to put their country and communities above themselves; where they understand that what we get is necessary for our living but our life is created by what we give.

Monthly Module for Life Classes:

“Life Classes” will have regular, weekly sessions for 8-10 months every year. Following would be the module for these sessions every month-

i. 1st Week: Introduction of the Theme of the Month by Facilitator

ii. 2nd Week: Group Discussions /Presentations

iii. 3rd Week: Movie-of-the-month Or Book-of-the-month

iv. 4th Week: Outdoor Visits / Inviting Role-models / Social Welfare Events

The theme of the month will be introduced by Oasis Facilitator in the 1st week; whereas for rest of the 3 weeks every month, the Facilitator will appoint coordinators from the institute; give them tasks, modules and necessary resource material and ensure smooth conduction of these sessions.

Monthly Themes of Oasis LIFE Classes:


Theme of the Month
















Time Management

{The Course contents as mentioned in the Themes of each month are ever-evolving. Designs, of course may vary according to the needs of Participants and for better effectiveness of the program.}

"We Cannot Always Build The Future For Our Youth,
But We Can Build Our Youth For The Future"

Why Oasis LIFE Classes?

Oasis offers LIFE Classes as Supplementary Inputs to the usual courses students undergo.

Why do Students need these LIFE Classes?

It is unquestionable fact today that Education doesn't prepare students-at-large for being successful in life in true sense. At the most, it teaches them cramming and competition. Oasis believes that it is due to lack of value education that India suffers from problems like corruption today in spite of being a potential super-economic power.

What does Oasis LIFE Classes contain?

Do you want to make your students Self-confident? How is this possible if they are not taught about this? Are students aware how their self-confidence is crushed everyday and how could they protect it and develop it? Do students know their own potential? Are they aware about their hidden talents and aptitudes? Do they choose their career based on what they enjoy doing and excel at? Or are they victims of social pressures?

How important is it for them to know how to set goals of their lives and to learn how to achieve them?

Youths have lot of energy. How do we channelize this energy in to constructive direction? How can we teach them to manage their time more productively? Do they know how to solve the problems of their lives?

Relationships are synonym of life. We live in relationships only. Life is not possible without relationships. Yet how much they know about building relationships? Oasis LIFE Classes teaches them the basic principles of building relationships in a way that will stay with them for their lifetime.

And at the last, but not the least, Oasis LIFE Classes makes our youths aware of their responsibilities towards their nation. No education is adequate if the youths are not made better citizens of their country. Inculcating civic sense is also a very important aspect of Oasis Course.

Why would Students prefer attending Oasis LIFE Classes?

The young generation is impatient when it comes to any kind of preaching. But Oasis knows by experience what interests this generation.

While the subjects covered are deeply related to the youths, Oasis Course also makes sure that they relate all these with their existing problems of life.

The environment created at Oasis LIFE Classes is that of friendship- that of respect and trust. The methodology of deliverance is that of participation, discussion and dialogue. Oasis also uses excellent world movies and world best-seller books as media to educate them for all subjects of the course. Outings, trekking programs, dialogues with celebrities, use of internet, offering them constant touch through mail communication and personal counseling too when needed, Oasis “LIFE” Course is designed in a way that it becomes a very attractive package to the young generation.

The youths, who look for opportunities to bunk their regular classes, look forward to Oasis Classes and they routinely demand to meet more frequently since they find these classes a real OASIS in their lives.

"Every Child Is Good Without Exception"

Some Important Principles being practiced at LIFE Classes:

Every child is good without exception.

The School & Teacher/Facilitator is for child; the child is not for the teacher or school. (It is failure of school if a child doesn't want to go to school or attend classes.)

The Goal of Life and so Education is to work happily and find joy.

Learning is always a voluntary choice; one cannot force children to learn in a creative way.

Education should be not just development of intellect, but development of emotional intelligence too. Also, Education is to bring out whatever is already hidden within children, and not to stuff or cram things.

Children thrive and grow the most in the environment of complete freedom. Imposed discipline and guilt make children fearful and dishonest about their feelings.

The role of Teacher/Facilitator is to enjoy and affirm children, to create an environment of freedom and to support and fulfill children's requirements for growth.

Some Dos and Don'ts for Teacher-Facilitator:

Respect children as Individuals

Make children feel okay to attend or not attend classes

Take Responsibility for creating environment of freedom and love

Embrace the children with smile all the time

Search for the good in children and reflect them incessantly

Use questioning to stimulate inquiry and thinking in children

Decide everything with consensus of children

Make learning fun

Don't be possessive about people/children

Don't punish or raise voice with children

Don't try to discipline them

Don't compare or label children

Don't preach or advise the children unasked

Don't teach religions; just focus on humanity

Don't ever lie to them

How can the Facilitator help children positively?

There are three stages to this process as follows.

1. In the first stage, the Facilitator creates a relationship of tremendous trust with children. This is possible only by the love, honesty and integrity of the Facilitator as also her skills of communication and playing her roles well. This process takes some time - say minimum 4 to 6 months.

2. In the second stage, when children trust the Facilitator, they become open for learning. The Facilitator expedites the learning process by introducing more difficult subjects in this stage.

3. In the third stage which requires 2-4 years, students fall in love with life, become independent in learning and the Facilitator becomes their life-long friend. The lessons and culture imbibed through Oasis Classes guide the student life-long and help them to realize their dreams.

"Life Class Is Something Nobody Will Ever Forget In Their Life"

Sample feedbacks for LIFE Classes, just to give glimpses.

It was a life changing experience

“I thoroughly enjoyed the life class. It was a life changing experience for all of us. I am really looking forward to each and every activity held in the class. Life class is something nobody will ever forget in their life. In future when there are some difficulties or problem in life, this class will help us to handle the situation we are in and how to be successful in our life.”

~ Isha Tawade, Std. 8, Zydus School for Excellence, Ahmedabad

Very very helpful & inspiring

“It was very practical & applicable… It was very very helpful & inspiring!! We should have such sessions regularly…”

~ Tanvi Gadoya, F.Y., Marwadi College, Rajkot

New energy flow from my students

“After the session I see a new energy flow from my students. This type of sessions helps to build Self-Confidence & Self-Discipline in students.”

~ Aakruti Vyas, Teacher, Pathak Schools, Rajkot

Every school should have this seminar

“You have to pay some price for achieving any goal in life" was very inspiring statement for us said by Shri Sanjiv Shah during the seminar. Every school should have this seminar.”

~ Hardik Kakkad, 12th Science, Pathak Schools, Rajkot

Excellent & effective!

“Excellent & effective communication! He also tells that every person has inner strengths and that is why we have to know our strength and develop our area(niche) in that way so we can get a success.”

~ Sumant Raychura, V V P Engg. College, Rajkot

I enjoyed interviewing a paanwala

“I got an opportunity to interview a paanwala. The moment I enjoyed the most was the message that the person gave to the youths of India. He wanted the students not to indulge in tobacco & cigarettes…!!!”

~ Garima Lodha, Std. 8, Zydus School for Excellence, Ahmedabad

Must reach to more and more students

“It must reach to more and more students as it helps them to understand concept scientifically. So they can implement and get benefitted in real sense.”

~ Dr. Varsha Sonwani, Professional, Rajkot

My life is my choice

“Till now, I have attended so many camps. But the thing which I learnt over here, and the true friends which I made here, are not there at other places. My favorite statement is, "My life is my choice." I will follow it forever.”

~ Palak, Std. 8, Alembic Vidhyalaya, Vadodara

All the fear complex removed from our heart

“The songs we sung at the end of the session were the most memorable because the songs opened us up and we all started feeling comfortable in attending the session. All the fear complex removed from our heart.”

~ Shashwati Godbole, Std. 8, Zydus School for Excellence, Ahmedabad

I could easily connect my fear and feelings

“The session was good. I was clearly able to differentiate between CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM and could easily connect my fear and feelings in real life situation.”

~ Ritu Chopra, Teacher, Fountainhead School, Surat

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