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Vimala Thakar Leaves this Mortal World on 11.03.09

I don’t believe in having a Guru but I do believe in becoming a shishya - a disciple for lifetime. And once we become disciple - a learner, we can learn from everyone and everything around us. So eventhough I don’t believe in ‘Guru-Shishya’ in the sense that is prevailing in the society, I have a lot of gurus from whom I’ve learnt precious lessons in my life. The chief one amongst them, whom I keep referring quite frequently, is Vimaladidi. Many call her Vimalatai and I am one amongst many who called her Didimaa - for she was like a sister & friend, yet she was always an affectionate mother. Our Didimaa left her body on 11th March at the age of 87, but she has left behind a rich legacy for generations to come.

I have many reminiscences about Didimaa that fill my heart with joy and gratitude. I bought her book from a railway station book-stall and visited her for the first time when she was at Dalhousie way back in 1994-95. She guided Oasis in its formative years and helped me to create a background of scientific spirituality and guided the core group of Oasis on many occasions till 1997 or so. I was not in touch with her thereafter,

eventhough her lessons had become a part of my being by that time.



I wished to prepare a book - a compilation of Vimala Thakar’s messages to man-kind as one of my ways to pay it forward. Thus I wrote to her in the month of November 2007. Her health had been fragile for many years and at that time also she was undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. But she always responded unfailingly. She wrote to me that “Anybody can publish book about Vimala’s work. My consent is not necessary.”

We also started to send her our news-magazine. Here is the last email message she sent, dated 20th February 2008, almost a year back, after receiving several issues of “…Alive”.


Oasis Movement Friends,

I am very grateful to you for providing me information about the valuable work that you are doing in India as well as U.S.A. Hearty congratulations for this precious service to human race!

With Best Regards
Vimala Thakar

These words are invaluable for us.

Are we living up to her expectations? Could we take a small part of her legacy forward? Have we realized our potentials? Have we learnt to live together yet in the spirit of friendship and heart full of gratitude? Or are we still victims of past, negativity & hatred lurking within and prisoners of our own ego? Have we learnt what she has taught us through her lessons and through her example? The onus is now on us, friends.

Vimala Thakar will live forever. It’s sad she is not with us physically but she has left a fulfilled life and a treasure for us for which man-kind will remain indebted for centuries to come. Amen.

- Sanjiv Shah

Celebrating International Women's Day

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Sanjiv Shah delivered two lectures, both titled as "JeevanNi Bhet". He delivered first lecture on 7th March at "Club35 Plus" gathering at Surat on the eve of International Women's Day. He spoke on the topic of "Mental Health". After describing the co-relationship of mind and body, he explained how powerfully the mental make-up influences the physical health too. The session was interactive and approximately 150 women participated in the dialogue on the topic.

Sanjiv Shah delivered another lecture at Prempuri Ashram at Mumbai on 8th March, organized by Shri Galiakotwala Family. After introducing Oasis, he spoke about the need for character-building education. He invited audience to inquire together about the basic tenets of such an education and earnestly appealed to all those who were present there to spread this message of awareness.


Workshop on "Mahan Hrudayona SaReGa.." was organized at Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research, Ahmedabad on 14th and 15th March 09. Sheeba Nair facilitated the workshop in which 27 individuals from corporate, industry as well as development sectors participated.


Lecture in progress at Prempuri Ashram, Mumbai on 8th March, organized by Shri Galiakotwala Family.

As a part of Health Awareness Program by ASHA Team, Hygiene Kit was distributed to school children in Bangalore. This program will continue till the end of this month and @1300 children would be benefitted.
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Asha Bangalore :

A novel initiative of screening a film every two months was launched for ASHA Team Members to facilitate learning and team building process. The first in the series was "Lajja" which was screened on 9th March 09.

Oasis Valleys
Project Update

Construction of foundation work is going on at Oasis Valleys. 50% work of footing has been completed.


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