Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 2 I ISSUE 47 I Nov 16, 2009

"A superb effort to lead various sectors & segments for development of nation."

Workshop for Govt Officers

Oasis Workshop on Time Leadership was facilitated by Sheeba Nair for Govt. officers and Professionals at Ahmedabad on 6 & 7th of Oct'09. What they got from the workshop is reflected in their feedbacks given below :

Feedbacks from Participants:

Great Workshop! Very different and interactive. Nice flow of the topics. Workshop has gifted me insight /vision about what kind of life I would like to lead. Realized the importance of building will-power and how through doing small things regularly without fail can build will-power. I am touched by facilitator’s efforts to ensure ALL means ALL get clarity of the topics being discussed.

Jitendra Patel, Director,
Chaudhari Technical Institute

I feel as if I got the charger to charge myself. The workshop has been so encouraging to me to do noble/ right things in my life.

Beena Patel, Artist

After attending the workshop I feel, it is really very late to know such important concepts. Life was incomplete earlier, now, I feel it has become more fulfilling and colourful !!!

Nilesh Kalaria, AGM,
Somany Ceramics Ltd.

This workshop has helped me to create more clarity about my vision. The workshop is useful to me to become more conscious, clear and committed for vision.

Hasmukh Patel, Dy Inspector General of Police (P & M), Govt. of Gujarat


The power of expression & convincing were not only outstanding but it had a direct impact on my heart. I have attended many workshops on Leadership, Management but this is all together different in its application. I strongly feel that any person as an individual as a good citizen must attend it to have a Meaningful Life.

A superb effort to lead various sectors & segments for development of society & nation.

Parimal Shah, Deputy Secretary, Govt. of Gujarat (CM Office)


The best part and system of the module is – it is interactive rather than giving lectures. It is really surprising that only one facilitator can engage you for two complete days without any sleepy or dull moment. It has recharged my commitment and awakens me. It also enhanced me to develop courage for higher goals.

Amrut Patel, Under Secretary,
Govt. of Gujarat (CM Office)

Amazing Experience! I knew almost all the concepts taught in the workshop some or the other way. But, I got ‘Master Key’ and Inspiration to IMPLEMENT them from Oasis Workshop.

Chandresh Kotak, Deputy Collector, Govt.of Gujarat (CM Office)

This workshop will definitely help us to balance between family life and professional life. It should be organized for young executives as well as old persons.

Indrajit Sen, Sr. Manager,
P I Industries Ltd.

Spreading ASHA (Adolescent Students’ Health Alternative) Project. Spreading a new Hope!
“We can do much more; it’s just that we need to push ourselves.”
ASHA Visit1 ASHA visit2


Since I've joined Oasis couple of years ago, I have been teaching adolescent kids in the Govt. primary schools around Bangalore. I wished someday to experience "How would it be teaching kids in a Rural school?"

This was made possible by my friend Ms. Laxmi. We set off on Sept 7th, 2009 to travel to Madikere Village (Tumkur Dist) which is a good 2.5 hour drive by road from Bangalore. We had instructed her family to assemble 100 Kids from couple of schools for the " Worm Infestation topic', which we had planned to teach on the said day.

When we finally reached Madikere Village, to our utter surprise, there were nearly 350 students waiting for us & were in full jest to listen to what the ' Teachers from the City' had to say. They were all told to sit and wait in an open ground, under the shade of trees.

It was the first time in my life I was given a mike to address 350 odd kids & trust me, it was very scary. Laxmi too was buckling under pressure & both of us were scared, as to how

do we start? Finally I gathered courage & started conversing in Kannada (which amused some kids). Slowly & steadily Laxmi also joined me and as a team we performed better than we expected. We realized we can do much more; it’s just that we need to push ourselves.

We taught these kids “how to periodically clean our Human bodies of Worm infestation” & handed over tablets to most of the kids. We urged them to make a beginning on " Self health & hygiene', which is what Oasis-ASHA is all about.

This experience was very satisfying for Laxmi & me and we have decided to come back again to this Village. We also urge all of you to definitely take out some time & visit nearby villages and spread this message of health and hygiene in the adolescents.

Hope to see a better India for ourselves & for our future generations.
~ Divya Shah,                           Divya Shah
   Oasis - ASHA, Bangalore

“I got the opportunity to fulfill my desire and bring out my best
to serve children.”

I went to Unnati Vidyalaya (Vadodara) with a ray of hope as part of Asha project. During our introduction session I found that almost all children had hesitation in sharing positive qualities about the child standing next to them. However, one child [who was known as notorious in the entire class] was different! Before any one spoke, he could share positive points about almost all children and that too enthusiastically.

In the end I praised how nicely, promptly and enthusiastically he was sharing positive quality

of each of the students. All the children applauded him.

I will never forget the way this child looked at me - communicating his thankfulness and love through his eyes.

Through Oasis I got the opportunity to fulfill my desire and bring out my best to serve children.
~ Rita Ruparelia, Architect,         Divya Shah
   Oasis-ASHA Vadodara

First meeting of New Team for OASIS MOVEMENT Projects 2009-10
Modi School

While the construction of Oasis Valleys is progressing, from 2010, we are now shifting our focus back to our movement projects in a full-fledged manner. As part of our movement, we are launching two important Projects beginning with the areas of: a) training of Facilitators’ for Oasis course who will be helping towards awareness of character-education in School teachers and b) Youth Development programs. We have already begun some of the activities in some areas in Gujarat.

In response to our invitation to some of our beneficiary-friends of Oasis workshops to help us in this movement, around a dozen friends agreed to become Regional Project Co-ordinators in Gujarat. The first state-level meeting of these friends was held on 5th November at our Baroda office. They included co-ordinators from Surat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

The meeting, facilitated by Sheeba Nair, Managing Trustee, Oasis, started on an emotional note about everyone’s love for the

country and their desire to volunteer & to contribute something for the country. The group discussed serious issues & statistics concerning the country’s development like corruption, education system, growth indices as also the root causes for the problems afflicting the nation. All agreed that the best bet for a long-term sustainable solution is in influencing the present education system through character-building processes, and simultaneously influencing the young generation towards becoming responsible citizens. More importantly all agreed that it is their personal responsibility to become a part of the solution and commit to contribute towards achieving this dream.

The meeting ended with the Surat team taking up the commitment of creating a team of Facilitators for benefitting hundreds of teachers in Surat region. The Ahmedabad and Rajkot teams took up the projects of organizing programs for youths in their regions. The next meeting will be on 13th of December.

L3 Surat Celebrations Oct09
Python at Oasis Valleys
Celebrations in process on 27th September 09 during one of the sessions for the Graduation Batch of L3 Oasis Course being conducted at Fountainhead school premise, Surat.

A small python, just 8 ft long, was a new visitor at Oasis Valleys this week. The guest was given due attention! To ensure that the python is not harmed by humanbeings, it was taken back to its natural habitation with due care with the help of Forest Dept officials..


New Arrival:

Jivavun Etale Chahvun Etale Shikhavun!

by Sanjiv Shah (in Gujarati language)

  What is Love? What is not Love?
  Is loving our ownself a good thing or    mere selfishness?
  True Love – What will it do and what    will it not do?
  How Love blossoms and how it    withers?
  Why Love creates problems & crises?
  What is the relationship between Love    & Character Building?
  Can we separate Love from Living &    Learning?

...and for many such questions, this book will give you good food for thought.

A compilation on the works of Leo Buscaglia.

L3 Book CP

  Editor's Note

Oasis is all set to work for children through ASHA Project & Character Education Movement. Through ASHA project we are reaching to hundreds of children with the message of Health & Hygiene. Our dream is to see that no child remains unhealthy in our country. Through Character Education Movement we want to see them as contributive & sensitive citizens.

On the Occasion of Children's day, Team alive sincerely urges all of you to join and make it happen sooner.

  News in Nutshell

1. Volunteers of the 5 centers of ASHA, Bangalore will meet on the 17th of Nov for a sharing and bonding session.

2. In the ongoing TOT for Ayurveda Sessions at Vadodara, the aspirant trainees shared their first teaching experiences during the session on 8th Nov. A management committee was formed to take Ayurveda further to people in a systematic way. Now on, there will be open session on Ayurveda by Sanjiv Shah on every second Friday of the month, at Oasis office from 6 to 8 pm.

  Oasis Valleys Project   Update

RCC work of upper basement area completed. Brick work for upper basement area & footing work for hall area started.


  You Said It

I am a regular reader of Oasis newsletter and am always amazed by the accomplishments of Oasis. Also, the articles other than the updates are really thoughtful. Keep sharing the inspiration with us.

~ Vijay Ramchandani, Coordinator - Volunteer Ahmedabad

AWESOME... Please keep it up!!

~ Aditya Kumar Sinha,
Sona Group

Nice to see Newsletter cum Magazine of Oasis. Congratulations.

~ Sharad Patil, Sr. Manager
HR & Admin., ITW India Ltd.

I have been receiving and enjoying your news letter. The content is excellent, as always.

~ Dinesh Misra, Chief General Manager, GMDC Ltd.

  Quote of the month

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

~ Napoleon Hill

  Forthcoming Programs

Event Calendar of Oasis

17-19 Nov Oasis Workshop on Success Over Self at Ahmedabad
21-22 Nov Oasis Workshop on Success Over Self at Rajkot
22 Nov Ayurveda TOT session at Vadodara
22 Nov Meeting of the 2nd new team members for Oasis Movement Youth Projects at Vadodara
8-9 Dec Oasis Workshop on Self Leadership at Vadodara
11 Dec Ayurveda General session at Vadodara
12-13 Dec Oasis Workshop on Self Leadership at Ahmedabad
13 Dec Meeting of the all new team members for Oasis Movement Youth Projects at Vadodara
15-16 Dec Oasis Workshop on Self Leadership at Ahmedabad
19-20 Dec Oasis Workshop on Success Over Self at Rajkot
19-20 Dec Character Education Sessions for Youth & Teachers at Rajkot

Note :- Dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.

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