Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 6 I ISSUE 7 I Apr 1, 2013

Oasis iLead Program For Mindtree, USA

“Great Workshop, Brings Life Into Perspective;
Moving, Even Transformational!”

This year, Oasis iLead Program was extended to Mindtree, USA. {Oasis iLead Program is a special series of Oasis workshops designed for senior management at Mindtree, a global IT solutions company based in Bangalore, India and is being conducted over last two and a half years.} Two workshops were organised during Feb & March 2013, one each at New Jersey and San Jose, USA. The workshops were facilitated by Sheeba Nair, Trustee, OASIS.

Seen above are the participants of New Jersey workshop along with the facilitator. The workshop was organised during 21-23 February, 2013.

“One of the greatest workshops I have ever attended”

Crux of reflections of participants after the workshop at New Jersey:

An excellent & enlightening platform to brainstorm principles of life...

“An excellent & enlightening platform to brainstorm principles of life by sharing live examples of participants as well as in structure. Great learning experience to know what is going well and what is wrong & try to become a better human being. The focus on ‘I’ was the differentiator.”

~ Deep Kapoor, Program Director

One of the greatest workshops I have ever attended

“One of the greatest workshops I have ever attended. This workshop did not have any handouts but a load of teaching/learning over a short-span of time. The workshop was a personal eye opener and I hope to utilize everything learnt in the last couple of days.”

~ Soumyajit Rakshit, Principal Consultant

“This is a unique and different workshop but excellent in form and content. The form; in term of activities, stories and experiences facilitated deeper assimilation of insights and principles.”

~ Ashish Hosalkar, Principal Architect

I experienced a beautiful change

“I experienced a beautiful change. I understood it’s ok to be emotional and one needs to be courageous when it comes to talk about fear / short comings / vulnerabilities. I sensed great warmth among the group. This is going to open doors for me to embark on a journey that’s more meaningful & purposeful.”

~ Balachandran R., Program Director

• The workshop provides the platform to lead an effective and purpose driven life. I feel there is lot of work to be done and the urgency towards it.
• Provides a holistic and complete view of life and helped identify who and what matters the most in life.
• The framework is simple. No self help books would have done what this had achieved.

~ Parthasarathy Anandaraj, Principal Consultant

Most important is the self awareness that it brings...

“Great workshop brings life into perspective. Helps us to chart out plan & decide on where & how we want to go. Most important is the self awareness that it brings & which will drive the growth & leadership in us.”

~ Nikhil Kamdar, Principal Consultant

Very different workshop, opened up areas of self introspection...

“Very different workshop, opened up areas of self introspection and awakened deep feeling within myself. Gave a fresh insight as to where I am and where I want to go. Also helped to bring out many positive feelings about myself. The facilitation was great in that it brought up the inner feelings beautifully. It was an emotional experience, made me think on what to focus on. The exercises were very relevant and unique. It was 3 days very well spent and I am hopeful that this will have a positive influence on my life and others who are touched by me.”

~ Upendra Bhadauria, Sr. Director

The ideas presented were extremely interesting and thought provoking

“This was a very unique experience that I haven’t had in other trainings. The ideas presented were not new but the way they were taught were extremely interesting and thought provoking.”

~ Elizabeth Chase, Program Director

Most unique experience I have had ever in my career, that helped me re-assess my life and way forward – both professionally and personally.

~ Ranjit Gangadharan, Sr. Director

Participants engrossed in workshop processes at Hotel Indigo Basking Ridge, New Jersey. 22 people from Sr. Management, Mindtree (New Jersey, USA) participated in the workshop.

How useful was the workshop? - Some reflections :

It will allow me to be successful in Life

“The workshop will help me better prioritize. It will allow me to improve relationships in both personal & professional spheres. It will allow me to be successful not only in the long term but also in the short term.”

~ Rajiv Puri, General Manager

“The workshop would make me look at the world from a different vantage point and clarity. Now, I should be appreciating life better. The workshop has forced me to change priorities in life.”

~ Soumyajit Rakshit, Principal Consultant

Change has already started in my family

“Change has already started in my family. Lot of things going in my mind about my character and contributions. Hope my family and surroundings will see a change in me. Thanks to the program.”

~ Subburaman S., Sr. Project Manager

“Excellent tool for self realization and bringing focus; Lifelong asset to manage personal & professional aspects”

22 Participants of Oasis iLead workshop at San Jose, USA, along with the facilitator Sheeba Nair. The workshop was organized during 28th February to 2nd March, 2013.

“A wonderful experience; I have never attended such a wonderful workshop in my life so far; Exceptional!”

Crux of reflections of participants after the workshop at San Jose:

I found the workshop to be a life changing

“I found the workshop to be a life changing. I have been on a journey of self discovery and this workshop truly gave me the framework to think, act and change. Thank you so much for helping me with simple tools which I promise will make an impact in my life!”

~ Anup Mehta, Vice President

The workshop has been fantastic

“The workshop has been insightful and thought provoking. It has been stimulating and has helped me open up and think with my heart.

Over the last couple of years there have been a lot of personal thoughts and the workshop has helped give direction.”

~ Ranjith Kutty, Program Director

The most important thing I am taking with me is ‘Affirmation’

“It was very enriching & helped me look within myself. It has given me the realization that I should & can express myself more to my loved ones. The most important thing I am taking with me is ‘Affirmation’.”

~ Ashish Bhujang, Regional Director

Provided meaning to the word ‘Workshop’

“It really was a good working together. Such profound concepts in such a simple well-laid out manner. Directly useful in life. Best use of 3 days of my life and so happy to see that it was at the right time of my own journey of making a transformation.”

~ Vikram Srivats, Sr. Director

“It was a personal introspective journey for last 3 days. Sheeba has helped me in looking life from a different perspective. I will practice the learning and try to build a value system and refine my personal legacy. It was very transformative.”

~ Biju Damodaran, Principal Consultant

An excellent experience

“An excellent experience. Very critical topics were discussed. And it gave me great opportunity to understand complex but essential concepts with the help of an expert facilitator and lots of coworkers.”

~ Muhammad Vaince, Program Director

A very soul searching workshop with a great view to improve each of us

“The concept of an abstract learning through a structured mechanism is very hard. This workshop did this really well especially through the means of examples. Three key areas of Belief systems, leadership vision and the methodologies to recognize and manage them were covered. Overall a very soul searching workshop with a great view to improve each of us.”

~ Mrudul Goyal, Principal Consultant

I was totally involved in the workshop for all these days

“I was totally involved in the workshop for all these days. The emotional bonding created between participants was really good. I understood the need to dream big and ensure small & big actions from me that can help to make this world a better place. This has taught me that I am mortal and I need to live everyday doing good things and make plans for all the needy children of the world, start from India.”

~ Dhawal Wadaskar, General Manager

Workshop in progress at San Jose Airport Garden hotel, San Jose.

Some reflections by participants on Usefulness of the Workshop:

This workshop will contribute towards the purpose of my life

“This workshop will help me do things that contribute towards the purpose of my life. It will help me in self management and become a better leader. By being more aware about myself, it will help me understand others better too.”

~ Vikram Kaul, Vice President

I am going to be benefited a lot in my life

“Aspects like personal mission, paradigms are very useful. Perspective on time management was extremely useful and an eye opener on how we spend our daily time. I am sure with this introspection, I am going to be benefited a lot in my life.”

~ Abhai Chaudhary, Program Director

Absolutely very useful workshop!

“Absolutely very useful workshop! I would like to do this workshop again in a few years to assess my progress. In my daily life both in a professional and personal environment, these principles, techniques will remind me to introspect & act in a impactful way that will be fulfilling to me and positively affect others.”

~ Gerald Williams, General Manager

“The workshop can be applicable to both personal & professional life in how you define your life’s goals, how you can put them to use and enhance the lives of yourself and your near & dear ones.”

~ Mohan Mantravadi, Program Director

I am delighted to be part of this workshop

“I am delighted to be part of this workshop. This will help me to differentiate my personal & professional life. Now I know what should stay at office & what will go home. Also understood a new definition of death & how death can be treated as a learning event of our life. The key take-away for me are so many.”

~ Suryakant Rath, Test Director

It will help me to achieve my goals

“It will help me to do self-introspection, to achieve my goals, make me more happy person and help me to enhance my professional and personal life.”

~ Ritesh Arora, Director

“Sheeba is a woman of extraordinary strength;
Always smiling, Extremely knowledgeable, Very unbiased”

Seen above(in the center) is the facilitator Sheeba Nair during the workshop at New Jersey.

Crux of feedbacks for the facilitator, Sheeba Nair:

It was a privilege & pleasure to meet Sheeba

“Over the three days I have come to respect Sheeba for her compassion, intellect and caring nature. She is a wonderful human being and that is the best thing about her. Sheeba was very articulate and explained concepts really well. She connected things so well that it was very helpful in understanding these well.”

~ Dhawal Wadaskar, General Manager, San Jose

One of the most knowledgeable, humble, respectful human being

“One of the most knowledgeable, humble, respectful human being I have ever met. She makes you to be so involved in this life changing workshop. I think this is my life changing moment.”

~ Anand Perumal, Sr. Project Manager, New Jersey

Very warm and encouraging

“Very warm and encouraging. Firm but respectful. Open and honest. Keeps the session on topic and going in the right direction. Good story teller.”

~ Harvey Kertland, Program Director, San Jose

Sheeba, you rock!!!

“Sweet, loving, caring, focused, complete kind, natural… The list is endless. Amazing to have seen her take the life choice clearly, someone who has gone behind her goals. This session if done by someone sitting in a management jobs would not have the impact. She is real, her experiences are real. Great to know her and about Oasis.”

~ Parthasarathy Anandaraj, Principal Consultant, New Jersey

You are so genuine in your efforts

“Sheeba, you are really wonderful. You are so genuine in your efforts. I really appreciate this selfless approach you have adopted to make the greater impact. I truly admire that I am not sure where you get the endless energy but hope to someday imbibe it.”

~ Anup Mehta, Vice President, San Jose

“One of the best facilitator I have ever interacted with. Her soft spoken nature and humility makes us listen and follow her more and more.”

~ Soumyajit Rakshit, Principal Consultant, New Jersey

Oasis Workshop For Sr. Management Of Agrocel Ind. Ltd.

During their 3 days Vision Sharing & Team Building Workshop, organized at Oasis Valleys on 14-16 February, Senior Management of Agrocel Ind. Ltd., Bhuj, Kachchh, Gujarat (part of Shroff Group of Companies), went through Oasis Workshop, Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi - Part 1, for the first two days. 17 officials from top management participated in the program, which was facilitated by Sheeba Nair (OASIS). As they say, Oasis workshop created excellent atmosphere of learning & growth, which benefited the over all program very well.

“It was excellent learning;

But we never felt that learning was actually going on

Crux of reflections from participants about Oasis workshop:

The workshop was a lesson affecting the head as well as the heart

“The ambience was very cohesive with what was taught. The principles of paradigms, implementation of planning and positive mental attitude were taught with plenty of examples and case studies. It was excellent learning but we never felt that learning was actually going on.

Sheeba is just outstanding! She can be rated at the level of top management trainers in the world because she speaks the language of the heart as well as the head. Very loving and very effective.”

~ Pradeep Gohil, Retd. Sr. Vice President

“The two days opened up a lot of emotions. To handle and course through them to a wonderful platform of awareness, acceptance and change where required were very well guided.

To face paradigms, change and positively move towards vision, mission, with very good stories aptly attached are the definite take aways.”

~ Preeti Shroff

It was really whistle blower to our life

“It was really whistle blower to our life - How to live and behave with others & our family. We must have our visions & mission statements. Now it is with us. We will keep with us & remember it till end of our life.”

~ Sunil Bhatt, Senior Manager

Attending this workshop at Oasis Valleys is a totally different and much better experience

“The workshop is more effective as a residential program. The objective of the workshop was to let the team experience and benefit from exposure and bond with rest of the team in the process. It was good to see the team participate actively.”

~ R. Hariharan, CEO, Agri Service Division, Mumbai

“The workshop was excellent, has reached to heart. We were finding it easy to connect with all the topics and flowing out naturally. It will definitely strengthen relationships at personal and professional levels.

~ Ashish Sharma, G. M. - Marketing

About Campus, Facilities, Staff & Services:

• આસપાસના કુદરતી વાતાવરણમાં પક્ષીઓનો કલરવ, સુંદર-સ્વચ્છ રહેવા માટેના રૂમ... બધું જ એકદમ સ્વચ્છ.
• બિલ્ડિંગનો અદભૂત પ્લાન, સ્ટ્રક્ચર. ખૂબસૂરત બાંધકામ અને શાંત વાતાવરણ

• Campus is very beautiful and speaks about the dedication and hard work of 9 years. Everything is very well planned and executed.

• The quality of food given to us, the house keeping, the air-conditioning and quality of the training room, the comfort and cleanliness of our bedroom- all contributed to success of the workshop.

• કૅમ્પસ અને ફાર્મ ટુર દરમ્યાન ઑર્ગેનિક ખેતી અને ગંગામા સર્કલથી ખૂબ જ પ્રભાવિત થયો છું. એક ખેડૂત હોવાના નાતે, મને આવું સર્કલ બનાવવાની પ્રેરણા મળી છે.

• Excellent, very well provided and attended. No. of persons were very less but the services and maintenance speak about their efficiency.

The flow of the process is quite emotional; Was very engrossing

“The journey & process of reaching a vision/mission statement of life will help in professional/working life also. The paradigms of life do get addressed & the process leaves a lasting impression for opening up the paradigms. Very practical & will be useful throughout all aspects of life.”

~ Nitin Hardikar, V.P. – Fin. & Admn.

“આ બે દિવસની કાર્યશાળામાં જીવન ઉપયોગી જાગૃતતા, સંબંધ બાબતે ગહનતા/ઊંડાણ, કાર્યશૈલી, જીવનશૈલી, જીવન જીવવાની કળા વગેરે ખૂબ સરસ રીતે દિલને સ્પર્શી ગયા.”

~ ગોરધન રંગપરા, સેન્ટર ઇન્ચાર્જ

અંગત અને વ્યાવસાયિક જીવનમાં ઉપયોગી થાય તેવું માર્ગદર્શન આપ્યું

“આ કાર્યશાળાના સંચાલક (શીબા નાયર) ખૂબ જ પ્રેમાળ, મળતાવડા સ્વભાવના, ખૂબ સાદગીવાળા હતા. એક કુટુંબના વ્યક્તિ જેવી લાગણી થઈ. ખૂબ જ સરળ ભાષામાં જિંદગીના ખૂબ જ અઘરા પ્રશ્નોના નિરાકરણ એકદમ હળવી એકસરસાઇઝથી સમજાવી, અંગત અને વ્યાવસાયિક જીવનમાં ઉપયોગી થાય તેવું માર્ગદર્શન આપ્યું.”

~ બહાદુરસિંહ ઝાલા, જિન મૅનેજર, ધ્રાંગધ્રા

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