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150 Hearts Melt into a Beautiful Community
5th OMCC (Oasis Movement Core Community) Annual Retreat was organized from 9th January to 12th January 2020 at Oasis Valleys. Oasis Movement celebrated the completion of 30 years.

Diverse Representation - National & International
Oasis Valleys was actually bursting at the seams as the invitees were doubled this year, almost touching 150. This time senior govt officials, representatives of educational institutes, developmental organisations, entrepreneurs from diverse fields & regions attended the retreat which included people from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan and USA.   

Young Management & Vegan Delicacies 
Half of the attendees were youngsters who managed the institute and the retreat smoothly. For the first time, Oasis had Vegan Food Festival in the annual retreat, which was very heartily enjoyed by all (almost all :)).

Parallel Programs & Difficult Choices...
Looking to the increased span of activities and to accommodate 33 sessions in 3 days, for the first time parallel sessions were organized. (There were tough times for the invitees to choose sessions to attend and many expressed their regret over not being able to attend all sessions.)

Surprises Every Hour!
With many surprises, laughters & tears, grand announcements & launches and lastly, with lots of love and hugs, the retreat ended with all 150 young and old participants turning into one big family of friends.
"Amazing journey of four days... Opened the mind for more explorations... Proud of you all..."
~ Jyoti Dhomse, Aatapi Seva Foundation
Photo Glimpses of the Annual Retreat
Welcome & Orientation
Retreat commenced with a warm welcome and an orientation about Oasis Valleys - Institute & Campus - and about the retreat - schedules, sessions, values, stay, food and all - at Amphitheater
Power-packed sharings by OM project & program teams
Misaal Honourship Explorer sharing her heart touching story of transformation
Sharing by Oasis Himalaya Leadership Trekking participant 
Misaal of the Millions
Doctor couple from USA who recently facilitated Oasis Freedom Parenting Workshop 
Oasis Publication Translators Team
Team of Indian Young Leadership Development Program
Special Sessions by Sanjiv Shah (Founder-Leader):
Collective Meditation, Secrets of Oasis & Future of Oasis
Oasis Founder-leader Sanjiv Shah sharing his journey into spirituality during the evening hours at Amphitheatre which was equally appreciated by elders and youngsters
On the 2nd evening, sharing the Secrets of Oasis and how high values for life and organisation were developed 
Captivating session for the audience
On the last evening, he introduced the Future of Oasis to all. One of his books, 'Jeevannu Adhyatma' was launched by the future leaders of Oasis
Other Special Session:
Oasis Next at Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh
Jammu & Kashmir teams poured their hearts and shared their struggle stories, which won the hearts of all 
Everyone appreciated their courage and commitment
Kashmir girls sharing their feelings and how Oasis camp helped 
Audience showing willingness to give time for J&K, L project
Book Launches:
6 new titles of Oasis Publications were launched
Launch of 'Vrukshma Beej Tu' - a compilation of stories from the lives of the Greats, co-authored by the teenagers with Sanjivbhai 
Launch of 'Vimal Sanjivni Zarmar' - Sanjivbhai's inspiring journey of self-exploration with his spiritual guide Shri Vimala Thakar
Launch of Marathi translation of Sanjiv Shah's 'Adhyatmani Shodhma'
Appreciating Young Management Team
Leaders of the youth brigade who managed the whole retreat
Youngest team of Oasis Vegan Treats who served delicious Vegan food 
Vegan Team at work
Appreciating Oasis Valleys Staff
Expressing gratitude for staff of Oasis Valleys who relentlessly worked to keep Institute & Campus up-to-date throughout the year
A standing ovation to the staff of Oasis Valleys 
Memorable Moments
Drum Beats for time awareness
Informative & inspiring -
Campus Tour
Sr govt officials enjoying the sessions  
Expressing feelings in a poetic way 
Tasty Vegan Treats! 
Knowing each other between the sessions  
Bye-Bye with hugs and a big heart full of love
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