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Our Dearest Well-Wishers,

We, at Oasis, are overwhelmed to receive your kind and loving support at this crucial juncture in our journey. Many of our friends across the world have showered us with their heartwarming wishes and blessings.

We all feel very grateful for strengthening our faith in the succession plan and helping us build a strong foundation for nation-building. 

Here are some of the first few beautiful responses. We will be sharing the rest as a series in the upcoming issues of Alive. 

THANK YOU for Your Blessings! 
Fresh Faces will Bring New Energy
Oasis has done wonderfully well in the past. Fresh faces will bring new energy and thoughts and take the organization to greater heights. Wish them all the best.

Anil Swarup IAS (Retd)
Nexus of Good, New Delhi

Trust the Young Leaders, Be Generous

This is a very good step, because in most organisations, people don’t give up even if they near deathbed. At the age of 26 years, the elders of my family had entrusted me with heading the industry and did not interfere at all. I could run it successfully because of their trust in me. This is the same trust I would wish Founder members to bestow on the young team.
Looking to the preparations you have done in background, I feel assured that you will be able to do this transition smoothly, which is most important for succession.

My suggestion - let the young team be exposed directly to the people, supporters and regions so that they can build bridge of trust with them as seniors have done. When we are handing over positions to the young lot, as elders we need to be generous and sensitive during hand holding. They are different and will do things differently, we may not agree to their methods always. At these times, we must be cautious as seniors not to use cynical, sarcastic taunts or comparisons that belittle them.

Dipesh Shroff
Managing Director, Agrocel Industries, Kachchh
Congratulations for Developing a Cadre

Dear Sanjivbhai,

I must congratulate you for :
1. Giving away to the younger generation the reins of Oasis.
2. For developing a cadre of young boys and girls who can gradually be the worthy successors to the visionary founders.
I must say with respect that your writing is of a very high standard. I have read a number of your books and they give lots of thoughts for readers to work on something different.

Rajni Reshamwala 
Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

This is Proactive Planning of Transition

Dear Sheebaben,

As far as Transition of leadership is concerned, I concur with the five years plan to mentor bright young men and women, and groom them to take over the leadership. Sanjivbhai and you both are heart and soul of the movement and over 30 years you along with the team have created and evolved a really excellent program.
Seeing blossoming young MHE fellows was heartwarming and inspiring. Yet reading the text of Adieu, I felt sad (Generally, I am empowered by his writing). I have faith in you and Sanjivbhai and the process, however these are impressionable young men and women they are just experiencing the life. Sometimes doubts creep in that how their ideals, enthusiasm will stand against family, marriage, society, etc.

Well, transition has to happen. There is not much choice. Misaal project is the best project to identify future leaders and groom them. I am happy that there is proactive planning of transition.

Personally, my life is enriched by association with you and Sanjivbhai. I thank you and wish you all good health, peace and plenty of energy to move ball forward.

All the best and Much love

Dr. Pravin Shah
Vascular Surgeon, New York, USA
Develop Synergy For Creating a Better World

Respected Sheebaben, Sanjivbhai & Founder Team Members of Oasis Team,

My best wishes for your vision. I think the step is in right direction to propagate the philosophy of Oasis movement to attain highest standards and reach vast horizons geographically as well as socially. I see the meticulous planning for implementation also.
I have no doubts about your capabilities, clear vision, determination to implement. 100 years is always a very long time span for any such movement /organisation. Our thought processes, relevance of set of values, functional processes may need changes in times to come!!

You definitely might have prepared a very brief/ short core Oasis philosophy statement just like preamble of Indian constitution. It will be guiding torch light for future generations to understand the Oasis philosophy, evolve functional processes around it only and relevant with time!!

A suggestion - To develop synergy with similar idealistic groups/movements who may be trying to make the world better.

Once again I endorse the plan and the dream you all have seen. With all the best wishes from bottom of my heart.

Amrut Patel IAS (Retd)
Chairman, Gujarat State Food Commission, Ahmedabad

Succession Planning is Absolutely Required 

What you are doing is extremely important. In fact, we always encourage our NGO partners to do it. Most of the seniors do not want to give up their positions, have got attached to their organisations. They do create teams but do not give up their controlling powers. Not knowing that young team will add lot of freshness, innovativeness.
Transition and succession planning is very critical and absolutely required. Otherwise after the founders go away, organisation flounders. Planning is good management.

Shaila Asave
Founder, Motivation for Excellence, Mumbai
Good to Ensure Organizational Growth and Longevity

Dear Sheeba, 
I am pretty sure this vision/decision has been made keeping the best interests of all parties concerned. And having a succession plan to pass the baton on to the next generation is always good to ensure organizational growth and longevity. My wishes and prayers are with you & Oasis on your noble mission.

Krishnan KS,
AVP & Head, Learning and OD, MindTree, Bengaluru 

Thank You for Love...!
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