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THANK YOU for Your Blessings! 
"This is a Classic Example of True Leadership"
My association with Oasis is more than 6 years old. During this journey, Oasis initiated my own transformation process. I have learnt a lot, started looking at myself internally. Oasis gave me clarity on my ‘GOALS’ and more importantly, helped me in widening my vision. Because of HCJ workshops a lot of internal changes have happened within myself, pushing transformation process within myself.
Oasis gifted me an endless list of very good mentors and like-minded friends. I also cannot forget the love and hospitality extended to me, by entire OV team, during my various stay at OV.
On organisational front, it is a classic example of a very healthy and long-lasting relationship between two different organisations. Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation (KRSF) team has very well accepted the ‘VALUE’ system, defined by Oasis and created entire ecosystem in Sabarkantha, Arravalli, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar districts, for overall development of children. Because of committed and selfless efforts made by Oasis and KRSF team, more than 20,000 children and KRSF teachers have started their journey towards more meaningful life. It is just a beginning of a new journey. Long way to go.

Sanjivbhai’s ‘Dream of OASIS Movement’ tells us about the ‘VISION’ and future roadmap of Oasis. At the same time, his 5 point transition process, is very well thought out micro-level planning, considering the current strengths and weaknesses of the organization. This is a classic example of true leadership. True leaders always try to create more leaders, in order to take their VISION and MISSION to the next level. This is clearly seen in the quotes made by Sanjivbhai and Sheebaben.

Sanjivbhai has been putting in his entire energy and soul for building up a new team. Shortlisting of the future team members, identifying the right team members as next-generation leaders, based on the ‘Core VALUE’ system, nurturing them by setting up the ‘Clear VISION’, and explaining the importance of their role in the future roadmap, is clearly visible in his exit planning.

Entire OASIS team has taken a lot of pain to build morale, by pulling everyone together, to work towards a common goal – ‘For giving the best to LIFE, to HUMANITY’.

To give the correct direction and receive feedback is critically important for leaders. I am sure, the entire OASIS team is fully geared up to accept honest feedback and to mentor the new team, for making the whole journey enjoyable and more meaningful.

I congratulate Sanjivbhai, for his brave decision and wishing all the success to the future OASIS team.

Uday Desai
President, Dr. K. R. Shroff Foundation and Oasis Partner, Ahmedabad
"Great Initiative to Confront the Challenge"

I would wonder if the vision for Oasis forward is of an organization or a movement.

Will we consider Ramakrishna Mission today – after 100 years of its inception an organisation or a movement? The implications are in terms of leadership, way of working, and the scope of evolution. I am sure you all would have thought through about the ways of retaining the essence of the movement.
It is easier with the founder leaders and among the core team as there is a subtle wavelength. Transferring that to the new team is a challenge. It is your great initiative to confront the challenge instead of avoiding it.

In this sense it is worth reflecting that there were great volunteers with Gandhiji. How did the movement evolve? Are there any lessons from it?
Often the succession is followed by ghosts. How would ‘he’ have done it becomes the reference promoting tremendous amount of conformity. Whenever that happens, the effectiveness of empowerment needs to be examined.
I have been a great admirer of your thinking process, commitment, conviction, and your contribution to the world. In the newsletter, there is a hint about some ‘plans’ for something that all seniors intend to engage with. I remain curious.
Best wishes in all your endeavours.

Dr. Parimal Merchant
Director, SP Jain School of Global Management and Humanist Volunteer, Mumbai
"The Dynamism Bring More Energy and Aspirational Goals in Programs"
Dear Sheeba,
You have been such an amazing mentor and a friend to me. It's a bit difficult to express my feelings whenever I read a newsletter from Oasis, remembering the time I spent in Gujarat.
While working in Jammu & Kashmir, I have seen Oasis giving people hope where others have only seen despair, standing true to its name.

I couldn't have imagined the kind of positivity and energy several programs of Oasis brought to Principals and students in Kashmir. The work and the values with which the organization has been working are so remarkable and inspiring. I had known Oasis mostly through you, and maybe so it came as shock and surprise to me when I read the newsletter. 

I am sure the leadership must have taken the best decision for Oasis. As much as I am intrigued by the change, I am looking forward to young leadership in the organisation which has always inspired me. The dynamism may bring with it more energy and aspirational goals in the programs. I hope the seniors remain there for any support needed. 

Wishing the new team the very best and love! 

Vaibhav Jindal
Institute of Education, UCL, London, UK
"This Decision will Make Oasis Reach to More People and Contribute towards Happiness" 

Dear Sheeba, 

I wish you and the entire team for the transition to a young and new leadership. Your decision will make Oasis reach far more people and contribute towards their happiness. 
Hope you, your family members, and friends are fine. Hope we all emerge as better individuals and groups post COVID-19.

Manmohan Singh
Director, Kaivalya Education Foundation/ Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership, New Delhi
"Beautiful Way to Think about Succession"

Dear Sheeba,

So kind of you to share this and what a beautiful way to think about succession. Lots of love to all of you as you go through this period. And do hope to keep learning more from the new team, and to find some more time to learn from you.

With love,

Shaheen Mistri
CEO, Teach For India, Mumbai
"Wishing Young Team a Committed and Successful Tenure"

Dear Oasis team,
We from Borderless World Foundation, wish the seniors a happy, long, healthy and fruitful future and the young team a committed and successful tenure. 
We are sure our association will continue with Oasis for ever and cordial for the benefit of the nation's needy.


Thanks and Regards
From Borderless World Foundation.

Dushyant Ashtekar
Lt Cdr (Retd), Coordinator Special projects.
Borderless World Foundation, Pune
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